Neighborhood Watch: v.1 Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

Earlier this year, I contacted Chelsea Cossu about doing Neighborhood Watch in Toledo. Shortly after, she gave me the go ahead and we are just over 24 hours away from Toledo’s first Neighborhood Watch in the Historic Old West End (OWE). There was no question in my mind where Neighborhood Watch was going to be held. I love the character of the Old West End, the neighborhood, and the energy. We have had a great amount of support from the residents of the OWE and I am very humbled by their kindness and generosity.

Residents and followers can expect to see a wide range of work based on the theme public and private space. I know a lot of people are going to be questioning, “what did I just see and why is this art?” and that’s what this event encourages: casual dialogue and engaging the community in public art.

A special thank you to the residents who volunteered their homes for this project and to the artists for your participation.

Participating Artists:

  • Michael Todd Arrigo
  • Alex Dartt
  • Heather Elliot-Famularo
  • Robb Fladry
  • Michael Fox
  • Timothy Gaewsky
  • Tina Gionis
  • Allen Leper Hampton
  • Charles Kanwischer
  • C.R. Kasprzyk
  • Vince Kral
  • Lou Krueger
  • Justin Martin
  • Maura Meyers
  • Ellen Mueller
  • Michael Noss
  • Crystal Gale Phelps
  • Cory Scheerer
  • Kyle Tate
  • BGSU Mural Project