Neighborhood Watch: v.1 Old West End, Toledo, Ohio

Earlier this year, I contacted Chelsea Cossu about doing Neighborhood Watch in Toledo. Shortly after, she gave me the go ahead and we are just over 24 hours away from Toledo’s first Neighborhood Watch in the Historic Old West End (OWE). There was no question in my mind where Neighborhood Watch was going to be held. I love the character of the Old West End, the neighborhood, and the energy. We have had a great amount of support from the residents of the OWE and I am very humbled by their kindness and generosity.

Residents and followers can expect to see a wide range of work based on the theme public and private space. I know a lot of people are going to be questioning, “what did I just see and why is this art?” and that’s what this event encourages: casual dialogue and engaging the community in public art.

A special thank you to the residents who volunteered their homes for this project and to the artists for your participation.

Participating Artists:

  • Michael Todd Arrigo
  • Alex Dartt
  • Heather Elliot-Famularo
  • Robb Fladry
  • Michael Fox
  • Timothy Gaewsky
  • Tina Gionis
  • Allen Leper Hampton
  • Charles Kanwischer
  • C.R. Kasprzyk
  • Vince Kral
  • Lou Krueger
  • Justin Martin
  • Maura Meyers
  • Ellen Mueller
  • Michael Noss
  • Crystal Gale Phelps
  • Cory Scheerer
  • Kyle Tate
  • BGSU Mural Project






















Welcoming Kimberly Adams

Kimberly Adams will be hosting NHW Project in 2012 from Toledo, OHIO in the Old West End during the festival. I met Kim in Tampa, Florida at USF when we shared a studio building. She has recently relocated to Toledo, and currently teaches at Bowling Green State University and Eastern Michigan University.

Everyone, give her a hand!

We’re missing some posts from the Previous NHW

While I find some documentation that we could post to document the projects and artists who made this happen in their own communities… I have a really exciting announcement to distract you with!

TOLEDO, OHIO will host a Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk this summer.
Artist Kimberly Adams will be manning the blog, and I know she’s going to do something very interesting over there.

Call For Neighborhood Watch: a projection walk 2010

This is a call for participating cities to join in and Host an international “Neighborhood Watch: a projection walk”. Please feel free to pass this information on to those who might be interested. We would like to open this up to as many different countries as possible, to continue to have a global perspective of art!

AUGUST 21st, 2010

Confirmed cities:

Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA –  Chelsea Goodwin  seagood (at) gmail (dot) com
El Paso TEXAS, USA – Andres Payan andres (dot) payan (at) live (dot) com
Thimphu, BHUTAN – Xochitl Rodriguez xochrodri (at) gmail (dot) com
Seattle WASHINGTON, USA – Elsa Perez
Austin TEXAS, USA – Kaletia Roberts   kaletia (dot) roberts (at) gmail (dot) com
San Antonio TEXAS, USA – Adriana Corral
Tampa, FLORIDA, USA – Kaletia Roberts kaletia (dot) roberts (at) gmail (dot) com
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – Fregmonto Stokes
Oslo, NORWAY – Rebecca Shirin Jaffari
COLORADO, USA – Jaime Carrejo jcarrejo (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to contact me for any questions or more information!

Version Fest NFO XPO Chicago,IL

We had a booth at Version fest, and we were taking names. After two successful years of NHW in Tampa, and with the artists and participants dispersing around the world, it seemed like a good idea to round up support in Chicago. There were several interested parties, and so many other great projects to see.

Here’s our name in print!

Interview with Chelsea and Jaime

(These are stills from the introduction video we made for Version Fest 2008. The Video will be posted soon!)

How does one start a Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
1. Press Release 2. Artists 3. Neighbors 4. Ideas/Technology 5. Enjoy!
How does it work?
This project involves a lot of negotiation. Space, Work, Neighbors, and really everyone has a vital role. If you want to start one, it takes more than just a coordinator, and is so much better when everyone can play a small part.
Who is part of Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
I would like to use this hub to connect to all of the people who dedicate their time and energy to their own version of this project. Here is a great space to share your vision of what NHWproject could become. It doesn’t happen without you!

March 31, 2006 9:00 pm GO.

Participating Artists had work projected onto various homes in the neighborhood. At the close of the show, the remaining neighbors, friends and artists gathered around the grill and voted on prizes to present all of the artists. The prizes ranged from “Projector D’or” to “Squirell Award” and were invented, designed, and hand made by Artist Participant Alex Costantino.

wendy babcox, rozalinda borcila, deon blackwell, jaime carrejo, shawn cheatham, alex costantino, chelsea goodwin, allen hampton, kara holland, adam kitzerow, vince kral, caleb larsen, yoko nogami, greg slimko, brett walker

We didn’t know until moments before dusk, which homes would actually work, and how many volunteers would show up to man the projectors. So, we waited until just before 9:00pm to pencil in a blank google map, and make photocopies to distribute at the local Publix.
We estimate there were about 200 visitors, even if they were incidentally passing through….

Ephemera: Our first calling card…


The Front of the Card Reads:
Neighborhood Watch Projection Walk is coming to your neighborhood soon!

The Back of the Card Reads:
We collect artists’ projectable art work; all media.
We find you would like to have it projected on your home; you who would like to volunteer time or products or services; and you who would like to just watch.
We come together for one night to the watch the projections; walking and talking together in our neighborhood.

There were a few variables that made it impossible to begin a thoroughly organized planning…The first was not knowing how many artists would participate, the second, which places in the neighborhood we could project (mostly video art), or even how many projectors we would be able to borrow.

So, first I placed a call to artists, and then Jaime and Greg and I walked around the neighborhood distributing cards.  The website had  two different statements…
The first was a call for artists.


This is a call for entries to be considered in a juried projection show. Please note the Showing Date in BOLD.

The Projection Walk:  Neighborhood Watch – selections of still of time based media on the theme of Public and Private Space will debut in the Seminole Heights region of Tampa.  Works will be on display for one evening on FRIDAY, MARCH 31st beginning at 9:00pm – playing for a durration of 2 hours.  The walk will be a small scale, pedestrian tour of video, film, slides or lights in a residential neighborhood.

Entries must be recieved by 5:00PM Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

All submissions must be complete and in traditional slide or digital format on DVD and under 15 minutes in length. Submissions must be labeled with artist’s full name, Address, Email, and Phone number.
Those submissions with SASE will  be returned.

Mail or Hand Deliver Submissions to:
Chelsea Goodwin
USF School of Art and Art History
4202 E Fowler Ave. FAH110
Tampa, FL 33620

Selected pieces will be disbursed for projections to willing participants in the community.  Invitations will be printed as maps and the Projection Walk:  Neighborhood Watch will culminate at a residence for reception and awards.

Direct questions and email correspondence to seagood (at) gmail (dot) com.

The second was a call for Neighbors.

Neighborhood Watch began in casual conversation at the University of South Florida as we anticipated the large-scale public art event Lights on Tampa.  Out conversation picked up momentum after the grand success in downtown Tampa.  Our projected art even is similar in spirit, however it our hope to make the event more of a grass roots effort.  We intend to enlist the help of the Seminole Heights neighbhorhood – south of Sligh,north of Hillsboroough, East of Nebraska, and West of 15th street.

This pedestrian tour of artwork where we live is a way to promote a reinvigorated sense of community, as well as provide a venue for artists beginning their professional careers – who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to produce work for a public event.  We have begun to spread the word about this event throughout the national art community, with hopes that similar events could be reproduced in neighborhoods across the contry.  These are grand plans, and although our extended art community has shown great interest, we are still on the verge of finding whether the sommunity of Seminole Heights is as excited as we are to feature our work in this setting.

As March 8th, 2006 approaches we will be gathering support of neighbors who wish to showcase a projected display on their home.  If you live in this area, expect us to solicit your support in the coming weeks.  Those who agree can look forward to a pre-screening of the work to be presented at their residence, and a student docent to introduce the work to the community, and to supervise equipment.  What we ask is that we plug our projector in, and allow documentation of the work as projected for the event.  We will be doing trial installations beginning on March 26th, 2006 and actual event will take place March 31st, 2006 at 9:00pm.

Please pass this information along to artists working in New Media, Video and Contemporary Art, as well as media outlets who may be beneficial to promoting our project.

We received quite a few entries, and Shawn graciously offered to curate the selection, but as it turned out – the school had plenty of projectors to show even multi-channel works.

We also had great response from the neighbors!