Call For Neighborhood Watch: a projection walk 2010

This is a call for participating cities to join in and Host an international “Neighborhood Watch: a projection walk”. Please feel free to pass this information on to those who might be interested. We would like to open this up to as many different countries as possible, to continue to have a global perspective of art!

AUGUST 21st, 2010

Confirmed cities:

Chicago, ILLINOIS, USA Р Chelsea Goodwin  seagood (at) gmail (dot) com
El Paso TEXAS, USA – Andres Payan andres (dot) payan (at) live (dot) com
Thimphu, BHUTAN – Xochitl Rodriguez xochrodri (at) gmail (dot) com
Seattle WASHINGTON, USA – Elsa Perez
Austin TEXAS, USA РKaletia Roberts   kaletia (dot) roberts (at) gmail (dot) com
San Antonio TEXAS, USA – Adriana Corral
Tampa, FLORIDA, USA – Kaletia Roberts kaletia (dot) roberts (at) gmail (dot) com
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA – Fregmonto Stokes
Oslo, NORWAY – Rebecca Shirin Jaffari
COLORADO, USA – Jaime Carrejo jcarrejo (at) gmail (dot) com

Feel free to contact me for any questions or more information!

Interview with Chelsea and Jaime

(These are stills from the introduction video we made for Version Fest 2008. The Video will be posted soon!)

How does one start a Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
1. Press Release 2. Artists 3. Neighbors 4. Ideas/Technology 5. Enjoy!
How does it work?
This project involves a lot of negotiation. Space, Work, Neighbors, and really everyone has a vital role. If you want to start one, it takes more than just a coordinator, and is so much better when everyone can play a small part.
Who is part of Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
I would like to use this hub to connect to all of the people who dedicate their time and energy to their own version of this project. Here is a great space to share your vision of what NHWproject could become. It doesn’t happen without you!