Version Fest NFO XPO Chicago,IL

We had a booth at Version fest, and we were taking names. After two successful years of NHW in Tampa, and with the artists and participants dispersing around the world, it seemed like a good idea to round up support in Chicago. There were several interested parties, and so many other great projects to see.

Here’s our name in print!

March 31, 2006 9:00 pm GO.

Participating Artists had work projected onto various homes in the neighborhood. At the close of the show, the remaining neighbors, friends and artists gathered around the grill and voted on prizes to present all of the artists. The prizes ranged from “Projector D’or” to “Squirell Award” and were invented, designed, and hand made by Artist Participant Alex Costantino.

wendy babcox, rozalinda borcila, deon blackwell, jaime carrejo, shawn cheatham, alex costantino, chelsea goodwin, allen hampton, kara holland, adam kitzerow, vince kral, caleb larsen, yoko nogami, greg slimko, brett walker

We didn’t know until moments before dusk, which homes would actually work, and how many volunteers would show up to man the projectors. So, we waited until just before 9:00pm to pencil in a blank google map, and make photocopies to distribute at the local Publix.
We estimate there were about 200 visitors, even if they were incidentally passing through….