Friday March 31, 2006 One Night Only!


With so many unpredictable components of this project we decided that mimicking traditional Neighborhood Watch Signs would make for effective flyers.  These were posted these around the neighborhood, and at the local grocery – In the same places that a traditional watch notice would be placed.

Some concerns we still had to deal with were, How many artists would submit work to the call?  How many projects would fit the curational direction?  How many projectors, dvd players, game consoles, cables, and milk crates could I find?  Who would guard all of them?  How would each location have the technology displayed?  How many neighbors would agree, and provide electricity?  But most importantly, would anyone come see?

    Many of these issues by recruiting my students, knocking on doors, passing out flyers, and making amendments by sticker and the help of the very supportive faculty and students at USF.

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