Interview with Chelsea and Jaime

(These are stills from the introduction video we made for Version Fest 2008. The Video will be posted soon!)

How does one start a Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
1. Press Release 2. Artists 3. Neighbors 4. Ideas/Technology 5. Enjoy!
How does it work?
This project involves a lot of negotiation. Space, Work, Neighbors, and really everyone has a vital role. If you want to start one, it takes more than just a coordinator, and is so much better when everyone can play a small part.
Who is part of Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk?
I would like to use this hub to connect to all of the people who dedicate their time and energy to their own version of this project. Here is a great space to share your vision of what NHWproject could become. It doesn’t happen without you!

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