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The Card Reads:
Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk
take two: April 12, 2008

The press release was was considerably more polished, and this time we tried collaboration!  Jaime had moved to El Paso, Texas and we hoped that trading work with a sense of place could connect the two neighborhoods we were living in.

Neighbhorhood Watch Project
Seminole Heights, Tampa, FL
Saturday, April 12th, 2008 (rainday April 13th)
Meet where posters in the neighborhood direct,
at Dusk (6:30 pm) for this ephemeral art project.

Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk is an interventionist style art project that combines a noctournal walk through residential neighborhoods with illuminated installations, performances, and video projections.  Art is integrated within the neighborhood, on houses, garages, windows and fences where neighbors and visitors are invited to watch.  The project as a whole is an effort to promote discussion about the sense of place, public and private space, as well as home within the context of the neighborhood.

To begin the project, artists propose videos, installations, and site specific performances or sculpture.  We delve into the neighborhood, and with the collaboration of artists and residents (many are one and the same) create an ephemeral event.  We invite strangers onto our lawns with the purpose of watching, and simultaneously meet neighbors we didn’t know.  To complete this project we need neighbors to share their homes, lawns, and a little about themselves.

This year’s project connects experiences in the historic neighborhoods of Seminole Heights in Tampa, FL with Sunset Heights in El Paso, TX.  We hope to present this project in Chicago, IL as well.

Tampa, FLORIDA artists include

El Paso, TEXAS artists include

  • Jaime Carrejo
  • Elija Fernandez
  • Monica Pedregon
  • Kalitia Roberts
  • Xochichi Rodriguez
  • Daniel Szwaczkowski
  • And THEM.

Chicago, ILLINOIS – NFO XPO presentation team

  • Michael Clarke
  • Chelsea Goodwin
  • Kally Goodwin

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