History of our Project

Our project started with a neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, a large scale public art show called Lights on Tampa, and students from School of Art and Art History at The University of South Florida.

After a particularly successful opening in downtown Tampa of projected videos, lights, and installations as part of the city’s Lights on Tampa Initiative. Artist friends from USF started to wonder what if a similar light show happened where we actually lived?  How would our neighborhoods be transformed?  Would we welcome strangers into our yards? Could our private space become public?  Would a smaller, less produced event work?  Would anyone watch?

The first Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk enlisted the help of part of Tampa’s Seminole Heights Neighborhood in 2006.  Instead of watching for intruders, strangers, and outsiders, we solicited neighbors to welcome them onto lawns and streets and alleys and watch videos, play video games, and see  the lights projected onto the surfaces of homes and spaces in a neighborhood.  Our projected art event is similar in spirit to the phenomena of civic sponsored light and projection events, mixed with  the American classic drive-in theater, a twist of grassroots community organization, and a dash of neighborly affection.

Chelsea and Jaime talking about NHW2

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