Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk, is pedestrian tour of projected art produced and curated to be shown in neighborhoods. It is also a way to promote a reinvigorated sense of community, as well as provide a venue for artists to produce work for a public art event, with hopes that similar events could be reproduced in neighborhoods across the country.

Our name is inspired by the official Neighborhood watch – a group of citizens working with law enforcement officials to prevent crime, and keep communities safe.  This organization is not a replacement for those organizations already in place.  Though, NHW Projection Walk works in many of the same ways; encouraging you to know your neighbors, promoting pride and awareness of where you live, and thriving through community grass-roots organization… we hope to keep this project focused on the relationship between communities and art.

This site is an attempt to connect documents, photos and responses from projects which began as a result of the initial Tampa,FL Neighborhood Watch: Projection Walk in 2006, as well as with similar projects which have undoubtedly been happening across the world since light could cast shadows, and people have lived in communities.  Best of luck making yours happen!

If you would like more information about the other Neighborhood Watch Organization – as a crime prevention and an extension of community law enforcement see the official site USAonWatch.org | A Program of The National Sheriffs’ Association’s

For more information on where to get the Official Ominous signage which ispired us, and lent a great name you should check out this site commercial print site National Neighborhood Watch Institute.

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